I am an experienced integrative counsellor, my aim is to meet people where they are at and provide a space for change, growth and healing to take place.  I have a back ground in teaching and the creative arts and have an understanding of the pressures that come with balancing a job, family and identity.  My counselling is based in integrative practice which means I have a toolbox of responses and interventions which I may use in order to help my client.  Some of this involves using art and creative tools; however I am led by the clients way of working and aim to enable and facilitate a safe space where they feel free to talk and share in their own way.   As well as a background in teaching I have worked in settings with adults struggling with complex mental health issues and have experience in bereavement and trauma counselling.  


For the past few years I have worked as a student counsellor for different Universities and in private practice. The work is often focused on helping students prioritise workloads, combat stress and anxiety and make decisions about who they are and what they value in their life. 

Since having two children I have also expanded my practice to work with women in ante-natal and post-natal health, (depression, anxiety, birth trauma & loss) for which I have completed training at the Tavistock & Anna Freud Centre in London.

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