Pregnancy and beyond

Having a family whilst balancing your own needs, work and relationships can be very stressful.  There is an expectation that we should somehow know how to do it and manage its impact on our lives.  Often life is more complicated than that.   Birth trauma is a neglected area of support in this country and I have enhanced my practice in this area with additional training in this and post natal depression.  It is my experience that much can be done to look at the psychological preparation for birth and parenting.  For some parents conception and pregnancy contain loss and difficult decisions.  I offer a non-judgemental, safe space in which to explore these feelings.

Pregnant belly
Choices & Identity

The question isn't so much, Are you parenting the right way? as it is:  Are you the adult you want your children to grow up to be? - Brene Brown

Whatever choices have led you on this journey they may not have been easy. Along the way you may have begun to feel lost, anxious and confused about where you are going.  It's common feel out of touch with who you once were and have no idea how to feel like yourself again!  I explore these themes in counselling with my clients and help them develop new ways of coping, developing confidence and discovering what kind of parent they want to be.