Student life

Supporting your journey through University

Being a student can be challenging, exciting and exhausting.  For some it is the first step away from home and becoming independent, for others it means finally being able to study and focus on what it is they want to do with their life.  For many it is a time of upheaval and stress, the negotiation of new friendships, ways of working and living which can bring to the surface anxieties and worries which may be hard to understand or know how to cope with.  Often we accidentally fall into old habits, previous traumas are brought to the surface and problems we feel we have left behind pop up when we least expect it.

I have a wealth of experience working with students in different contexts and hope to be able to offer a place where you can feel heard and understood.   Issues include: social anxiety, OCD, depression, perfectionism, exam stress and relationships, gender and identity.  The sessions are a mix of talking, creating strategies and coping mechanisms.  If you'd like to more please get in touch.  I offer a few low fee places each semester for students who would like to attend.